HELLO! I'm Tessa(obviously)! I am an artist and graphic designer! I love to create designs that foster connection and tell your story.

At my core, I’m a creator. Whether it’s graphic design, watercolor, or branding for clients, I love to create pieces that speak and give visual voice to a home, a special event, or a company’s branding persona.

I also have many, but certainly not all, of my own personal pieces as prints here on my site. These are some of my favorite creations, inspired by my own experiences and with my own Tessa-ness in there. I also have a couple of frames that I’ve personally used and loved and can vouch are great for displaying these prints. 

Yoo Hoo!
I’d love to hear from you, connect with you, work with you, hang out & maybe give you a high five!
Contact me directly at hello@tessakatecreates.com. Or you can just stalk me on social media, it’s cool I do it too.